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What to Store

What to Store in a Storage Unit

Items that are suitable to be placed in a self storage unit include:

• Furniture (indoor and outdoor)
• Clothing & Linens
• Kitchen accessories
• Dishes, glassware and cutlery
• Holiday decorations
• Seasonal items such as lawn mowers, snow blowers, yard trimmers and gardening items
• Vehicles including cars, motorcycles, boats and ATVs
• Books, magazines, newspapers
• Business documents and files
• Sports equipment

What Not to Store in a Self Storage Unit

Below is a detailed list of things that you should not store in a self storage unit:

• Valuable items such as jewelry, coins and precious metals
• Live plants
• Live animals
• Perishable items
• Non-Perishable items including food, cereals and spices.
• Every-day cleaning products
• Aerosol cans
• Fireworks
• Gasoline
• Oils
• Paints and paint thinners
• Chemicals
• Fertilizers